Ozurgeti Activists Appeal to Prosecutor’s Office Over Conservative Party Member Threats

Ozurgeti civil activists addressed a statement to the Ozurgeti District Prosecutor’s Office today. Citizens are urging prosecutors to take an interest in and take legal action against the threats. They were made by the violent group Alt-Info, a local member of the pro-Russian Conservative Movement.

On March 14, 2022, while the citizens were planning a peaceful protest against the opening of the office of the “Conservative Movement” in Ozurgeti. The mentioned person posted a photo on the social network with the caption “We will treat whoever needs to be treated”, which was perceived as threatening by the protesters.

“The organizers and participants of the rally had a well-founded fear of threats. It is very important that law enforcement agencies take an interest in this fact and take appropriate legal action. So that such violent calls and threats are not encouraged in the future. It is inadmissible in a state governed by the rule of law for such threats to go unanswered by responsible agencies. It is also important to note that Alt-Info’s activities are associated with very serious human rights violations in the recent past. The alleged commission of criminal offenses, which further aggravates the situation. In view of the above, please immediately investigate the circumstances described in the statement and take appropriate legal action. ” – We read in the text of the announcement.


Photo on the main page: Guria News


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