Dachi Shoshitashvili – I am Also Here!

For me Pride is associated with freedom and a lot of love. Probably because all this comes naturally with diversity. When a person is less vulnerable to discrimination, they do not have to devote as many resources for dealing with it, therefore, all their efforts can be devoted to personal development. Composed and realized citizens are a precondition for the development of the country. Until each person in the country is valued regardless of his or her differences, our country will not develop.

This was the first year that I decided to definitely join the March of Honor. Often, the queer community is a very distant group from the public towards which there is mostly a negative attitude. Naturally, they are afraid of what they do not know. Unfortunately, much of our society is driven by irrational fears spread by homophobic groups. It is important for the society to see that members of the queer community are people just like everyone else, they also have the right to utilize pubic space, just as every other Georgian citizen.

Also, past few years have showed us that homophobic groups are able to restrict the right to use public space for the queer community, so it is important for those people to see that this country does not belong to them alone and that the supporters of the queer community are fully realized citizens.

The queer community is one of the most accepting groups in society – they have experienced oppression themselves and know best the price of acceptance. If we look back at recent years, the queer community has been a participant in all healthy protests. In general, there is more that unites people rather than what divides us. It is important that we can speak each other’s language, only this unity will shape us into a healthy society.

And finally, people should not be punished for love.

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