Niko Gorgiladze – I am Also Here!

“Last time i attended anti-homophobic protest was three years ago. As everyone probably remembers this day was a turning point in my life however, i won’t be talking about that right now. During these three years that I have lived in Germany I haven’t attended any Prides, because the days or weeks celebrated here aren’t achieved with my battles; Because i don’t allow myself the right to celebrate, considering the situation in my country. I am waiting for the day that i will return to my homeland and on this day i will go out in the street with my fellow queer and hetero friends – for freedom, for a dignified present and future, for the condemnation of an unworthy and criminal past and for the memory of the victims.

Despite the distance, my thoughts and activities are always revolving around queer issues, however this fight is still on those who are on the front lines, here and now. Oppression of people, by any reason, is a mistake, a shame and a crime! Recent history has shown that a large part of modern society regrets and seeks to rectify this disgraceful legacy, which obviously did not happen by itself – the result of the struggle and sacrifice of many people. Thus, the success of Tbilisi Pride this year has been particularly fruitful in the fight for LGBT rights and I believe greater changes and victories await us as nothing can stand in the way of progress!

And I hope that I did the least and got through those uninformed and scared youths who hated themselves and were scared of themselves for slightest differences. What can I say to them, if not the same as three years ago: Queers, love yourself and never forget that love is love, always and everywhere! ”

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