Beka Kvachantiradze – I am Also Here!

”For me Pride is freedom of expression, a chance to exercise constitutional right to civilly protest what I do not like, the climate of the country.

In addition, it is a chance to give other LGBTQ individuals, who dare not show themselves and are afraid, to be motivated and have courage to be open and free. I want to give them an example of how to be happy as they are and to show them that they are not alone.

I will definitely go to the solidarity march. I want the public to understand what Tbilisi Pride and Solidarity Week means – this is an international practice, with which, first of all, we show the state that there are people who are oppressed in this country and it must find a way to solve this problem in favor of fundamental human rights.

In the March of Honor, we call on other people to stand by us, because society and the state will not progress if there are oppressed groups. With public appearances, we want to protest the unfair environment that exists in our country towards LGBTQ people.

Society is a living organism – no one knows when and where our paths will cross, today if LGBTQ people need solidarity from other people, tomorrow the religious minorities or other groups with problems will.

There is a Georgian proverb – “Hands wash one another and together they wash the face.” We must live by this principle: if we do not help each other, we can not create a healthy environment and can not deal with global problems. Because of all this it is crucial to stand by each other and build a democratic state, where everyone’s voice is heard, not just some.”

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