Anastasia Kartozia – I am Also Here!

”For me, pride is a combination of opposition and celebration – together we oppose hatred and ignorance, at the same time we celebrate each other. I am proud of all the queer people because each of us has to wrestle with ourselves and the outside world. These processes are never easy and have a severe impact on a person’s mental health. Nevertheless, we are here, we aren’t giving up, we live, we love and we are happy.

At the end of the day we are all just human beings that strive to be happy. I often think how much better the world would be if we were more empathetic towards each other. No one deserves to be discriminated against because of our orientation, gender, race, religion and other factors.

I think all people should want equality within their society. I feel hurt at other people’s trouble. I hope they too will be willing to listen to me and help me eliminate the problem. Today I will fight for myself, tomorrow others will. If we show solidarity with each other and stand by each other, our chances of success will increase.

Yes, I’m going to Pride. Online activism is very important, but gathering in the physical space is essential. You see people in the physical space beyond the screen, we show the public that we are part of this country and we are not going anywhere, that we stand and fight for equal conditions and for a better future.”

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