Transgender Actress from Sense 8 Will Play Lead Villain in New Hellraiser Screenplay

A new screen adaptation of the 1987 cult horror genre, Hellraiser will be released soon, starring a transgender actress Jamie Clayton.

A Science-fiction and horror fantasy genre film released 35 years ago is based on a series of novels by Clive Barker. 10 sequels of the movie have been filmed so far.

This is the first time for female actress to play the role of a fictional villain. Jamie Clayton if famous from the the popular Wachowski series’s Sense 8, in which Jamie plays Nomi Marks and is one of eight people who are connected to each other by supernatural forces.

In addition, the actress plays one of the roles in the remake of the popular queer series, The L World: Generation Q, which shows the lives of queer people living in Los Angeles.

Filming for the remake of Hellraiser is already underway and it will soon be released on the streaming service HULU in 2022.

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