Scandal Over the Rainbow Flag in Sokhumi School

Recently, a post was posted on his Facebook page, in which user Gela Khasaia wrote that a statement in the Abkhazian group of Facebook which was followed by a photo of a rainbow flag displayed by children in the fifth grade of Sokhumi Secondary School No. 2 on the International Day for Tolerance.

Gela Khasaia: “In recent days we have seen a great controversy in the Abkhazian group on Facebook. The scandal erupted after a picture of a rainbow flag was displayed to children in the fifth grade of Sukhumi Secondary School No. 2 on Wednesday, November 17, International Day for Tolerance. The flag photo was downloaded by the teachers from the internet, then printed out and pasted on the board. The Rainbow Flag, the Flag of Pride, or the LGBT Flag of Pride, has been a symbol of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people since the 1970s. The colors express the diversity of the LGBT community. This action caused great aggression from the parents, other teachers and the principal. The “Ministry of Education” was also involved in the case. The “guilty” teachers are asked to appear on TV and condemn their “unworthy behavior”.

Queer will offer an extensive article about this topic later on.

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