There will be a Film Adaptation of Tamta Melashvili’s “Blackbird, Blackbird Blackberry”

There will be a Film Adaptation of Tamta Melashvili’s “Blackbird, Blackbird Blackberry”, according to the weekly American magazine Variety.

Georgian director Elene Naveriani will work on the film, who has already done two full-length films “Wet Sand” and “I am a drop of sunshine on the earth.” On the screenplay, along with Elene Naverian, worked Nicholas Mdivani.

As Elene Naverian told Variety, after reading Tamta Melashvili’s book, she realized how powerful it would be to see the book on the screen. The director also says that “Eter carries a revolutionary message in her body that every body deserves love and is beautiful no matter what… Eter is a feminist in nature, without knowing it.”

Tamta Melashvili’s third novel was published in 2021 and we read in its annotation: “A middle-aged, lonely woman lives in a small town and works in her own shop. Her monotonous, restless life seems to be threatened by nothing, but one day, a sudden incident happens and her orderly life is turned upside down. The woman, terrified of death, makes a decision that she would not dare to do at any other time and embark on an unexpected love adventure. ”

Tamta Melashvili is a modern Georgian author, has written three novels, “Calculation”, “East” and “Blackberry Blackberry”. Her books have been translated into German, Russian, Croatian, Albanian and Macedonian.

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