The Main Problem is That The Law Does Not Work for the Queer Community – Elene Khoshtaria

“Now is not the time” – a phrase I often heard when I started talking to politicians about the problems of the queer community. I also asked Elene Khoshtaria the first question about the politicians who avoid talking about queer topics.

Elene Khoshtaria – “It’s time”

“I, of course, can not lecture anyone about the morale, when and what to talk about, however, this is the basis for what then oppresses these groups. I think it is wrong for any politician or public figure to refrain from making such statements due to some conjuncture.

The problem lies on the surface – the main problem is that the law does not work for the queer community. I would also like to focus on how psychologically difficult it is for community members to realize that in today’s Georgia you are inferior to others. The law does not apply to you – you are told to do whatever you want at home.

One of the greatest atrocities is how the indifference of the majority destroys these people. An example of this is how family members of the queer people react to them coming out. It is concrening to imagine how much stress members of the community have to deal with. Why I emphasize this – Someone is asking why Pride should be held or why they should go out. Behind all this lies human life, their ruined psyche, too much suffering and pain.

Solving the problems of the community requires the efforts of the central government, the police has to fulfill its duty, the government has to fulfill its duty …

Politicians taken individually can do a lot with a concrete example, I can say that I will be physically by their side and protect their rights. Politicians often avoid openly defending the community and talking about their problems, which also changes the situation. I say that there is no conjuncture and a situation when the problem of the community will not be the most priority issue for me. ”

Author: Tamar Kutateladze

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