The Untitled Gallery is Hosting the Exhibition “Queer Chronicles”

The Untitled Gallery is Hosting the Exhibition “Queer Chronicles”

Queer Chronicles consists of 4 installations by 4 artists. The installations have been created at the intersection of real and conventional times and physical and digital spaces, and they respond to the issues of the processes of creation, transformation and disappearing of queer identities.

4 artists are participating in the exhibition: Davit Apakidze, Mari Mghebrishvili, Paolannder and Aghababa Bagirov.

One of the exhibitors, Davit Apakidze, told that he was particularly interested in creating an installation for the exhibition and participating in the workshop, as it all started when people lost space due to the pandemic and Covid regulations. His work reflects how spaces for queer people collapse and disappear.

Art historian and founder of Project Fungus is optimistic about Georgian queer culture, saying that Georgian queer artists, unlike heterosexual artists, do not lose touch with Georgian culture and traditions. Their work better reflects the past and the novelty, compared to the heterosexual artists that are less repressed and whose work is nurtured by the influence of European culture. To illustrate this, he recalls the famous Horoom Night, which turned out to be a turning point for queer artists and the LGBTQ+ community in general.

Queer Chronicles was created in collaboration with the Women’s Initiative Support Group, The Untitled Gallery, Salam Cinema [Baku] and the Goethe-Institute in Georgia, as a result of a 4-day practical workshop on the production of queer spaces in LGBTQIA + communities organized by the Berlin-based Polygon.

The exhibition opened on October 16 and will be open to the public for 8 days, until October 24.


Author: Zura Abashidze

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