Davit Kutaladze’s Trial Continues in the City Court

The trial is currently underway in the City Court, where the case of Davit Kutaladze, accused of assault on July 5. Defendant’s lawyer, Sergi Khurtsidze, plans to file a motion to replace the detention with bail.

Dato Kutaladze, accused of assaulting Lekso Lashkarava and Miranda Baghaturia of the First TV crew, was sentenced to imprisonment on July 13 as a measure of restraint.

We would like to remind you that on July 5-6, violent groups raided the Tbilisi Pride office, attacked members of the community, injured dozens of journalists, and Lekso Lashkarava died on July 11. There is a lot of footage that shows this physical violence, but according to Davit Kutaladze’s lawyers: “The prosecutor’s office could not present any evidence that would prove Davit Kutaladze’s guilt in the physical violence.”

The process has not yet been completed in the City Court, where a review of the restraining order will be considered if evidence is sought.

Photo: Formula TV

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