CARIOCA, NEGRO & QUEER – Queer Photos by a Brazilian Artist

Rodrigo Rody Oliviera is a Brazilian photographer that lives in Rio De Janeiro and has been photographing every-day life of Brazilian queer community for years.

The photographer grew up in one of the suburbs of Rio and he had never thought that anyone would take be interested in his works. The queer artist viewed photography as a hobby and he had to go through a very hard path before one creative studio – Rocket Science noticed his works.

The photographer is interested in the queer people and people of color that lives in Brazil – group that is most marginalized and experiences the most oppression.

The artist says that the country is not safe for queer individuals and they have to deal with all sorts of oppression; however, despite everything, the resistance is still strong and in this resistance the artist sees the most freedom and that’s where he gets his main inspiration from.

The artist is an author of a few photo-projects. Here are some of Rody oliviera’s photos:

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