12 Queer Athletes Who Came Out in 2021

Here are 12 athletes who spoke publicly about their identities in 2021:

Brian Ruby – a 25-year-old baseball player

“When I was 14, I played baseball and I loved country music. When I thought about my identity, I was a little scared. I do not want future generations to think that there is no place for them. Queers should also play baseball and at the same time not lose themselves and their identity. ”

Luke Prokop – Hockey player

“I am very proud to have publicly stated my identity. I have come a long way. Now I play where I have always dreamed of playing and I feel whole. ”

Carl Nassib – Football player

Carl Pride came out during the Pride month – “I waited a long time for this day and it was as if a boulder lifted from my shoulders. I have the best family, friends and the best life a boy could want. ”

Jack Dunn – 22 years old rugby player

Prior to the public coming out, he was out to family and friends, however he also spoke publicly about his identity this year.

Tony Storm – Wresler

“I’m bisexual and I’m glad to say that in public.”

Colton Underwood – Football player

He came out in April and is proud to be gay – “I want everyone to know that I am the same Colton who you watched and knew on TV.”

Nikki Hiltz – Athletics

Medium-distance athlete Nicki Hilts initially declared themselves as gay. However they later said they were transgender.

Corey Walsh – BMX

He decided to come out because there are a lot of queer people in a similar situation and do not know what to do. The athlete wanted to tell the queers that they are not alone.

Conor McDermott-Mostov – skater

The athlete was always open with his family and friends, but always wanted to decorate his own dressing room with a Pride flag. Despite the fear and anxiety, he publicly said he was gay.

Gabi Taft – Wresler

“I’m no longer afraid, I’m more confident and happy with who I am,” Gabi said.

Marco Lehmann – Basketball player

“I am 27 years old and I can not wait to retire to say that I am gay.”

Chris Lewis – Wresler

“I fought myself for years and I was afraid of what others would say about me. Finally, I gathered courage and said that I was pansexual. “

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