A transgender woman was verbally harassed

A media portal Formula spreads information on this subject. In a conversation with Formula, Madonna talks about the what happened:

“There were many of them, but two of them were especially aggressive. They were swearing at me, screaming inappropriate phrases and threatening me. I got scared that they would beat me up so I tried to avoid them. I called the police and when they arrived, the men told them that they hadn’t said anything inappropriate, they were just fulfilling the Georgian law. What does the Georgian law mean, are we in Taliban?”

According to her, the life for transgender people has become even more dangerous after July 5th.

“Before that they might’ve just mumbled something, but now they approach you and scream at you right away. I connect all of this with July 5th. If it wasn’t for that day, I don’t think that they wouldn’t dare so many things.” – She says.


Source: ფორმულა

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