Pseudo-Christianity is The Greatest Evil – Archpriest Zaza Tevzadze

In the TV program “Real Space”, Archpriest Zaza Tevzadze assessed the ongoing processes in the country:

“Since 5th of July I have been feeling restless. I hadn’t anticipated that such a thing would happen. I guess I misunderstood the situation. The most important thing right now is that events are unfolding right in front of our eyes. We are talking about church, Christianity. People have gotten used to the hateful and aggressive rhetoric carried out in the name of Christ and accepted it as something that can happen and is allowed.

Each person, as an individual, represents the highest value, for whom the Lord Jesus Christ came to be crucified, and to bring his freedom to this country. What right do we have to evaluate people from a judgmental point of view?! And to Quantify: – “It’s no big deal, it’s just one person…”

The murder of that one journalist is the murder of all of us. All of us were murdered and will be murdered again, because if we say something different, or something that the mob dislikes, we will be simply met with death. Christianity is the best example of this – The creator himself, after showing humanity the true nature of humans, was crucified by people and the ministers of religion.

Who killed Christ? He was killed by the church and society acting in the name of God. Just imagine, how big of a controversy there must be within the person, when they do not view reality as real, and their views of god and the god himself are as different from each other as the sky and the ground.

All of us are responsible for the things that happen in front of us. We have to face the reality as it is. Minorities, people that are different, the most vulnerable ones, are those that need us to protect them; why would “the strongest of us all” need any protection?

The majority claims that they need protection from minorities. Do they mean that minorities are a threat to them? This is complete nonsense and it is mentioned in such a way, that would make one think that this is the ultimate truth. The society should not accept such things. This is easier to understand that 2×2=4.

The way out of this situation is taking action: Christ is not a preacher of passivity. Search and you will find; Ask for and you will be given; Knock and the door will be opened. Without this, we will just stay at this same point.

Each of us can do so many things. Jesus didn’t come here to demonstrate how cool he was. He said that people were capable of changing the world. This is crucial. This is something that we cannot live without.

Numerous misanthropic consciousness and their subordinate and inspired groups have been tested by the earth. However, nothing is worse than Pseudo-Christianity. This is the greatest evil, as well as its source. It is truly a great horror when Christ’s name is associated with evil and brutal sources.

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