They Are Constantly Stirring Up This Controversy and Thus Trying to Maintain Power – Giorgi Kikonishvili

In the program “Real Space”, queer activist Giorgi Kikonishvili talked about the pride week and events that took place following 5th of July:

“A classic line of power has been established in Georgia, the main principle of which is ” Divide and Conquer ”. This line has become mainstream and we are fed up with watching how people follow it, creating conflicts between groups and then acting as if they are the conciliator. These groups aren’t just Queer groups and the society, or ethnical groups and the society; it isn’t just the issue of majority versus minority. They are constantly stirring up this controversy and trying to maintain power through these controversies because the opposing groups no longer have the physical resources to confront the one who is truly the source of power and violence.

Despite this, I still believe that the last decade was a time of transformation of awareness for us. We came to an understanding that we shouldn’t have hope in anyone but ourselves, our friends, and people that share our opinions. The moment in which we gained this awareness is when we started the process of making harmonious connections.

Clearly, whatever happened on 5th and 6th of July, had begun way earlier than that. I think it all started on 17th of May in 2013. That’s when the classical scenario took place, in which a conflict was created in order for them to pretend that they are the conciliator, leaving the society in a constant state of controversy and mutual hatred. This can be seen on a very large scale on May 17, 2013, when neither side had expected it. This was the period in which the previous government was recently gone, a new government is in place and someone has to say that they, in fact, have the power. That someone turned out to be church, of course.

July 5-6, in my opinion, was a very feeble and duplicitous attempt to repeat this scenario. In addition, various forms of power have been created, I even find it difficult to name them, and I think that this is their advantage and poses a great danger to us. They keep saying that we are the majority, which is really just an illusion.

This is a great illusion and everyone who believes in it will be hurt in the end. This is because, as I mentioned, the last decade was a period of transformation, when the citizens of Georgia and various groups, no matter if they’re women, men, gay, heterosexual, Georgian, Armenian… – That is how we understand how power works and how that power is used over us.”

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