Faith is When You Believe That All People Are Children of God – Maka Chichua

”All people, regardless of gender, skin color, etc. Have the right to express their opinion, out loud and, of course, without violence.

In general, our children today are very colorful and free, they love life. I do not want them to be depressed, scared, and unable to style their hair the way they want, wear whatever they want, and because of this, parents shouldn’t be afraid that the child will go out in a colorful t-shirt. Isn’t this madness?! Doesn’t this drive us to the very dark side?!

If you look at the history, the minorities won everything by fighting. It should be, of course, bloodless, of course, without violence. But with strong faith. Faith is exactly that, faith is that you believe, all people are children of God and everyone has the right to breathe and walk freely under this sun.


Do not corrupt and obscure the doctrine of Christ.”

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