Metropolitan’s condolences to Lekso Lashkarava’s family and colleagues

Metropolitan of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia, Malkhaz Songhulashvili responds to the recent events and expresses his condolences not only to the family of Lekso Lashkarava, but also to all of his colleagues and friends who lost their son, friend, a loyal person and a professional:

“Ungodly people!!! How did you manage to kill a person by beating him? – these are the words that come to me naturally, from my heart. But I understand that such tone is not appropriate for an official statement.”

According to the Metropolitan, everyone is guilty in the death of Lekso Lashkarava: the state that did not defend him; those people that either silently or loudly justified the aggressive attacks.

“In the form of Lekso Lashkarava, the whole society has lost the greatest person who stood on the side of freedom and justice. Today he is one of the victims who sacrificed their lives for Georgia’s independence and freedom,” – said the metropolitan, recalling the heroes who died on April 9, who sacrificed themselves for the future of the country.

“Let this be the last bloodshed, the last violence in our homeland, which does not deserve to have its citizens abused in the name of religion, God, the Church,” wrote Metropolitan Malkhaz Songhulashvili.

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