We Are Trying to Minimize the Possibility of Physical Contact with the Participants of the Counter Protest – Tbilisi Pride

”Tbilisi Pride” releases a statement. The statement said that the “The March of Honor” planned today, will be held without violent incidents, for this they will try to minimize the possibility of physical contact with the attendees of the counter protest:

”Friends, we are approaching the most important event of Pride Week. Tomorrow is The March of Honor!

We believe that together we are making history and taking the most important steps in building a state where human rights are protected and people have equal opportunities.

We see a lot of interest from LGBTQ people and allies in tomorrow’s March of Honor. As we already know, counter protests by violent groups are planned. We are peaceful demonstrators and do not want The March of Honor to lead to violent incidents. To avoid this, we try to minimize the possibility of physical contact with the participants of the counter protest.

The organizing team of the march is working on security issues. For this purpose, we are in active communication with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On July 5, in the first half of the day, we will announce the final plan.”

Pride Week has been going on in Georgia since July 1, which will end today with a “The March of Honor”.

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