Tiko Raphava – I am Also Here!

“I have heard so many things about Pride. I know how this week is celebrated abroad. I have always observed it with much interest and enjoyed it.

Generally, the idea of Pride is very important. LGBTQI people have to encounter too many obstacles. More or less the “diversity” of problems concerns everyone, but among them, the inevitable and unequivocally familiar, is rejection. Rejection from strangers and even more so from close people. Imagine being a loved, socially acceptable person, but as soon as you start talking about your sexual identity, you immediately become a target of aggression and all the love, respect, care disappears without a trace. Then you have to talk about constitutional equality, trying justify yourself with it and somehow convince the other side of your own morality.

That’s just one thing, there is way more beyond that,

It is very difficult to constantly have to repeat that people shouldn’t be divided into specific groups. Obviously, we are all different in many ways, but that should not interfere with our communication.

I will definitely join this year’s Pride. I don’t have an illusion that our Pride will be analogous to that colorful celebration, but I hope that the people who live around us will gradually realize that there are people besides them who have to fight for their identity on a daily basis and who are humans just as much as themselves and everyone else. Of course, we may not agree on some things, but that should not be a precondition for violence or discrimination. “

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