Kristine Ergemlidze’s Open Letter to the Patriarch

“Greetings to my beloved, dear son, my little diamond. I pray to god for your healthy life, my love. We have just received your telegram, in which you write about your arrival; We arrived well, stopped in Mtskheta for two days, then we all left together. Greetings to everyone, to your loyal Georgians and Russians. Be well, my dear, may God be your protector in every deed and every step, to protect you and save you from evil. Written to you by your mother, watching your way…”

My Patriarch,

I too am a mother who lives for the happiness of her own child; For whom the child is more valuable than gold and diamonds – she prefers them to the whole world. We too are the mothers for whom the point of life is their children, whose hearts beat in the same rhythm, whose breathing stops when their children are in pain. We are also fighting for a better future for our children. We are also mothers who are “watching the way” of our children day and night. And this way should not go through oppression, violence, injustice, we should not lose our children because of violence, enmity, evil and hatred.

God gifted mothers the love for their children – unconditional love, and we are teaching our children this unconditional love as well. We teach how to stand on the side of the oppressed, how to love our neighbor, we teach the love of God, of people, we teach solidarity, being a worthy person, not oppression and violence.

My Patriarch, we are mothers too, we love our children more than our own lives, our children will surely love their children regardless of race, skin color, religious beliefs, nationality, identity, orientation, age, abilities. Because God is with everyone and everywhere, because God himself is love.

Kristine Ergemlidze


Photo: Vakho Kareli

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