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A New HIV Strain Puts a Much Bigger Blow to the Immune System

Researchers at the University of Oxford have discovered a new variant of HIV infection that is potentially much more contagious and puts a bigger blow to the immune system. There are currently 109 people living with the virus in the Netherlands who show symptoms twice as fast.

According to scientists, the new strain – VB variant, destroys the immune system and also reduces the body’s ability to deal with common viruses and diseases much faster than previous strains of HIV, which means that the development of AIDS is much faster.

Researchers have also found that VB is 3.5-5.5 times more abundant in the blood, indicating that it will be much more easily transmitted, in addition, the degree of damage to the immune system increases twice as fast.

Frequent testing is the best way to fight HIV, including new strains, so if you have sex often and with different partners, be sure to get tested at a clinic, and if you are from an LGBTQ community or involved in sex work – call a quick test from And take the test without leaving home.

HIV-negative people can join the prep program completely free of charge. Prep is a medication that reduces the risk of HIV infection by 99%.


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