6 Tips for Parents – How to Support Your Queer Children

Many people are looking for ways to communicate with their child that has started to talk about their sexuality, has come out and doesn’t hide anything anymore. Despite the fact that, unfortunately, not every family can accept this easily, there are ways through which children can have their needs taken care of, and their parents also don’t have to feel discomfort in this process.

Here are a few ways to support and accept the LGBTQ+ identity of your child:

1.     Talk to your children about their feelings. Don’t be afraid to use supportive language and to hug them. Find out what they might need you to do, whether they want your help or not in the process of coming out to the relatives or friends.

2.     Speak out loud against anyone who tries to publicly embarrass your child because of their LGBTQ+ identity. These may be neighbors, relatives, and even family friends who are unwilling or reluctant to accept them. Stopping verbal abuse, humiliation, and mistreatment of your child by others can work wonders, make your child feel better, and convince them that you really support them and they are not alone in this.

3.     It is important that family members treat your child with love and respect, who is struggling to accept themselves.


4.     It would be nice if you could help your child discover their LGBTQ+ personality. All of this will pave the way for a good career and a secure future, because they might not see themselves in any fields.

5.     Getting to know the parents of other LGBTQ+ youth will be very helpful for you as a parent. This connection will allow you to understand their common problems that other adolescents face in this struggle. It will be a kind of safe environment where you will be able to talk openly about your problems and get support.

6.     Finally, try to communicate with your child’s LGBTQ friends, or even a partner (if they have one, of course), as this may become the ultimate symbol of acceptance that your child expects of you.

Coming out to peers, classmates, or even employees is a big change and a novelty. Therefore, it is essential to create a welcoming environment and supportive atmosphere for your children, which will improve the quality of life for both you and your child.


Illustration: Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

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